9 Disruptive Blockchain Innovations

Blockchain companies are popping up across the globe after the rise of the Blockchain concept and technology advancement. The number of use cases for DLT is steadily increasing.

We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to some blockchain startups and how their ideas are going to revolutionize the system.

Based on the type of projects there are interesting correlations between blockchain and other technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc.

According to one of the weekly reviews from ICOBench, by December 2019 we are most likely to have grown as an industry by 300 Million more people embracing Blockchain Technology. We will possibly have an Ethereum Killer App and Quantum Blockchain Technologies with superior security measures.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the hottest upcoming Startups/ICOs in the Blockchain space:

1. is in Financial Services Industry specializing in Cryptocurrency, Digital Asset Exchange and Blockchain. They have the World’s First Fiat-Crypto Exchange With An Integrated Digital Payment Solution App. They are also providing a global platform for blockchain investment opportunities encompassing digital asset exchange platform which has launched major digital assets, namely, BTC, ETH, XRP, ETC, Dash, NEO and many more. They aim to create an ecosystem which will provide a one-stop hub for digital assets investor and a platform for digital asset exchange globally.

Key propositions of are :

  • Supreme Technology - High Geared blockchain engine with an intelligent algorithm for secure settlements for both Desktop and mobile.

  • Fiat Crypto Gateway- 24/7 access to a fiat-to-crypto gateway and a multi-currencies wallet.

Bcoin will be the first of its kind to allow the recharge of your card directly from the exchange, for immediate retail use and has yet to be explored.


A social music service app powered by blockchain technology aims to eliminate the challenges singers face buy paying for singing on a karaoke app and receive nothing as a reward. SOMESING is a platform that will enable anyone to create and enjoy music

Activities and receive the reward and profits for the music they created. The enhancement/ recreation or remix of new or existing pieces will be rewarded fairly. The fair profit distribution is enabled by Blockchain Technology.


SOMESING will provide free service through blockchain and cryptocurrency compared to other Karaoke app paid services.

Another attractive feature about SOMESING is - user-centered reward system that returns 70 % of total accumulated tokens to users by forming a wallet for each song content user produces. As soon as music/song is posted on SOMESING, the “song wallet” is created automatically. After a certain amount of time profit distribution takes place from the “song wallet” automatically based on everyone’s contribution.

One of the future plans includes developing various source of income and discovering new music stars by providing various opportunities of success through partnerships with off-line entertainment agencies. They have got 4.0/5 rating from ICOBench.

3. TenX

TenX’s Vision is to make blockchain assets spendable anytime, anywhere buy giving a one-stop platform for seamless interaction between the blockchain ecosystem and the real world. They are offering the TenX Card, a debit card (and, soon credit card) with an accompanying TenX wallet that can be funded by almost all blockchain assets in time to come. Today TenX payment facilities can be used in almost 200 countries at over 36 million points of acceptance today. The TenX Wallet s major game changer in the Blockchain ecosystem as it has a multi-currency wallet that is created automatically once the user logs in the app. The user will find different cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Users can conveniently convert a wide range of blockchain assets such as BTC, ETH, and Dash from one to another by simply using TenX wallet. TenX App makes the system more secure than traditional credit and debit card systems. The users can withdraw their blockchain assets and transfer them to cryptocurrency wallet without incurring any fees for such transfer.

An important advantage of this product is that user will receive 0.1% reward for every purchase they make which will get transferred to the user in form of PAY tokens initially on a monthly basis, which additionally gives them an opportunity to become token holders and benefit further. TenX got 3.9/5 rating from ICOBench.

4. Petchains

This project is dedicated to develop a strong pet community on a digitized platform with the help of modern technologies like BigData and cutting-edge blockchain technology. The main aim of petchains is to bring experts, owners, institutions, service providers, dealers to interact globally and contribute to providing efficient lives to the pets. The solution is built using powerful technologies to maintain unique data and keep the data of both animals who live in the homes or in the shelters. Petchains provides token utility system with their token Petcoins(PTCS). With the help of the Petcoins(PTCS) as a unit of exchange, users can exchange assets, services or products, obtain special discounts etc. The goal of PTCS is to provide a convenient, easy and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who will interact within the Petchains ecosystem. They have got 4.5/5 rating from ICOBench.

5. ApolloX

ApolloX is a platform for building a decentralized global e-commerce application using Blockchain. ApolloX has the potential to disrupt the existing online e-commerce ecosystem and become the first choice of the online channel to sellers globally. They are going to give a fair chance to all the small sellers by removing the advantage Giant e-commerce companies have over data access to all consumer’s and seller’s data which in turns creates targeted ads to compete with smaller businesses and attract higher sales. ApolloX platform will try to overcome the disadvantages of trading over the centralized platform like high commissions, losing control over data, hidden advertisement costs etc. They have got 4.5/5 rating from ICOBench.

6. DeepCloud

DeepCloud AI is building an AI-driven decentralized cloud computing platform to run decentralized Apps - IOT and web 3.0 DApps. DeepCloud AI is exploring the new market of decentralized solutions by offering blockchain-based decentralized cloud service option. Unlike today’s cloud computing companies DeepCloud AI is giving IOT applications edge computing close to the source which is different from traditional cloud computing paradigm which has focused on scaling the services. For instance detection of specific license plate detection for tracking a criminal using the video camera on traffic lights can be handled better by doing computation and detection at the edge and only send meaningful insights instead of flooding network with live video streams and choking the entire neighborhood network. With DeepCloud AI’s solution they will enable resource providers close to the edge, such as retail shops, malls,apartments to share excess capacity of their computer resources on decentralized cloud making local computations easy and close to the source and then with AI matching engine, they’ll match right resources to the right app based on real-time analytics of the data across the network.

7. EZeeBuy

EZeeBuy is a social media and lifestyle commerce driven platform driven by artificial intelligence. Users can buy desired products from advertisement banners, magazine ad, store window etc anywhere around the world from a simple photo. EZeeBuy App is for a modern digital shopper. EzeeBuy is connecting Global retailers because of its customer-driven app which can show their buyer details, preferences on App because retailers know very less about how customers spend little time inside their stores. It will create a cryptocurrency- friendly global market. EZeeBuy supports wallets which supports various cryptocurrencies including EZeeBuy’s own EZ8 token and P2P payment methods. EZeeBuy has various services like EZeeBudget which helps parents to provide members with a household budget. EZeeCharity is for donation to give back to the community. EZeeData is data analytics services which will enable to gain insights from customers data and figure out trends on high demanded products, popularity, pricing etc. Likewise, they have various interesting services built in their App. This will bring an end to frustrated web searches for getting the right product. EZeeBuy received 3.5/5 rating from ICOBench.

8. MultiVAC

MultiVAC’s vision is to help integrate large scale commercial DApps smoothly into their ecosystem enabling everyone to quickly and easily use blockchain applications to improve their work efficiently, in turn, creating a trustworthy, fair and harmonious society. MultiVAC was created to address the current blockchain challenge of blockchain platforms having poor scalability and less effective support for DApps that requires processing of high volume of data.MultiVAC considers the three dimensions of computation, storage, and transmission in modern blockchain making it first scalable public blockchain that designs for all three dimensions. MultiVAC will provide a reward to nodes which performs both computational and storage services.

9. AvailCom

AvailCom is the international project of the real estate market. AvailCom platform helps to speed up search and leasing of any property whether it is a car or apartment which in turn will help to eliminate a lot of intermediaries. Their Decentralization Platform allows the lessor to lease out his property remotely and without any commission and to rent out the various property without unnecessary encounters with landlords. Their aim is to reduce high rental costs and commission costs which are set high by other booking companies like Airbnb, Booking etc. All transactions between landlords and tenants will occur in both cryptocurrencies and fiat They are planning to launch their platform in the US and after a successful launch in the US, they will soon begin to develop and launch in Europe. They have got a 4.0/5 rating from ICOBench.

However,In the end ratings doesn't matter but the innovative idea does!

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