Korea Blockchain Summit 2018

Blockchain Startup Competition

Prize Money - $10,000

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what will you learn?

Korea Blockchain Summit 2018 will feature a number of theatres including use case studies and technical discussions. We expect over 500 senior and targeted decision makers in attendance, with verticals including banking and finance, insurance, transport, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, retail and more.

who will attend?

government leaders



experience zone


          20+ sectors

    blockchain meet



blockchain strategy & technical innovation

  •      Understanding Blockchain Technologies & Markets

  •      Blockchain applications in the real world

  •      Incorporating blockchain technology to drive efficiency

  •      Removing the barriers for Blockchain to prosper

  •      The potential of Blockchain through partnerships

  •      The scope of smart contracts

  •       IoT and Blockchain

  •       The impact of the blockchain mobile payments revolution

  •       The regulatory and legal implications of using blockchain applications

  •       The opportunities and challenges for Blockchain in the property market

  •       Could blockchain disrupt the telecoms industry?

  •       How blockchains are redefining cyber security

  •       Securing Blockchain applications

  •       Building scalable blockchains that work in practice

  •       Maintaining trust, privacy and reputation with Blockchains

  •       Investing in Blockchain businesses

  •       Keyless signature infrastructure

  •       Blockchain and smart contract automation

  •       Distributed Ledger Technology: beyond blockchain

  •       The role of cryptocurrencies in the development of blockchain technology

Banking and Payments

  •   How to build a regulatory framework for blockchain

  •   The challenges of putting blockchain into practice

  •    How to make a success out of blockchain

  •    Fintech and blockchain – are banks dead?

  •    Blockchain applications in banking

  •    Blockchain in banking: A measured approach


  •  Blockchain and a more efficient and open public sector

  •  Blockchain infrastructure for Government

  •  Blockchain applications in the public sector

  •  Blockchain technologies could transform government services

  •  The opportunity behind Government Blockchains


  • Reshaping insurance: could Blockchains transform insurance?

  • Blockchain in Insurance – opportunity or threat

  • Developing new models of trust for accurate future insurance

  •  Smart contracts and the future of insurance?

  •  How Blockchain Technology Might Transform Personal Insurance

  •  What does the future hold for blockchain and insurance?

  •  Blockchain technology as a platform for digitization


  • Blockchain's Smart Contracts: Driving the Next Wave of Innovation

  •  How Blockchain Can Revitalize Manufacturing Value Chains

  •  How Blockchain will Transform the Enterprise

  •  Why Blockchain is a Game Changer for Supply Chain Management

  •  Blockchain: the solution for transparency in product supply chains


  • Blockchain: a real opportunity for retail financial services

  •  Understanding the blockchain opportunity in retail

  •  Building consumer trust with Blockchain

  •  The opportunity for retail supply chains with       Blockchain


  •  The Energy Blockchain: How Bitcoin Could Be a Catalyst for the Distributed Grid

  •  Blockchain applications in energy trading

  •  How blockchain is impacting clean energy an opportunity for energy producers and consumers?

  • Blockchain utilities and energy: The electron standard


  • Can blockchain optimize and secure EHRs

  •  How will blockchain disrupt healthcare?

  •  Data Integrity & Security with blockchain

  •  The challenge of immature infrastructure within the healthcare industry


  •  Blockchain Makes Inroads in Shipping

  •  Blockchain for Transport & Logistics

  •  Can blockchain technology enable the single   passenger token?

  •  Blockchain to Play Role in Future of       Transportation?

  •  Blockchain Will Enable A Real Sharing       Economy

event location

Grand InterContinental Seoul

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